Access Your Information From Anywhere At Anytime

Sometimes you will want to work from home, get updated on all the ongoing activities. With one tap, you can access all necessary information from your device

Learning Made Easy, Teaching Becomes Less Stressful

Teaching should not just be restricted to classroom only. You can interact, upload learning materials and many more for your students with just some few clicks

Entirely Secured And Confidential

Designed with some of the best software development tools, be rest assured you are protected

User Access Control

With our easy and straight forward processes, each user can only access contents tailored to their needs when they log in

First Class Support & Maintenances

We are always available to help you out. From training on how to type to how to make coffee. Just give us a call

Communication Makes Everything Better

Student parent in UK or colleague in China, you can discuss, share and interact in real time.

Integrates All School Process

From Administration, examinations, management, attendance, timetable to accounting, e-learning, library, inventory and many more all from your phone or laptop

Simple User-Friendly Interfaces

With our clear, concise and responsive interface, you get an easy to learn software for more efficiency